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Pasta ZARA

nova Pasta ZARA is the leading Italian exporter and the second most important producer of pasta. Fourteen lines, two plants, a continuous production cycle: this is how Pasta Zara distributes the Made in Italy food label throughout the world every day. The quality of the Pasta ZARA products goes hand in hand with food safety, to achieve the highest standards and guarantee absolute transparency to the consumers. As a result, Pasta ZARA follows a very rigorous control and prevention routine. It begins with the selection of the durum wheat semolina which is carefully analysed in the company’s in-house laboratories and where, amongst other things, very accurate tests are carried out to ensure there are no traces of GMOs. Apart from very strict compliance with the HACCP self-inspection Manual and the ISO 9001 certificate, Pasta ZARA is regularly issued with many important certificates from the most highly qualified certifying bodies: BRC (British Retail Consortium), IFS (International Food Standard), UNI 11020 (identification and traceability system) and ISO 14001 (environmental management system). As far as safety is concerned, inspection visits are also made periodically to the mills supplying the company and control analyses are performed on every delivery. Quality and safety are also the result of highly advanced production lines in both of our production plants in Riese Pio X (Treviso) and in Muggia (Trieste). With regard to the products, they are all accompanied by identification and traceability details.

Furthermore, Pasta ZARA is working on a project to set up a controlled Italian production chain, starting from the cultivation of durum wheat, to the mill and then the production of pasta in order to consolidate its mission to emphasise the value of the Made in Italy label. Another important achievement is that Pasta ZARA products are first tested and then used by the National Italian Chefs Team, the maximum expression of Italian cuisine throughout the world. Besides the pasta, which is available in a wide range of varieties and shapes, Pasta ZARA highlights the importance of a healthy Mediterranean Diet by extending its offer of products to include other traditional Italian foods to make the every day diet more delicious. These products include “Le Delizie Zara”, with ready to use sauces to accompany pasta, rice, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar from Modena and breadsticks.

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